A wonderful
babysitter, and
(And great cookie maker, too!)
This is a late, or early birthday present.
 Depends on how you want to look at
it.  This is your home page Mindy.  On
your site you will find photos of you at
your Spring String Spectacular (2005),
as well as a favorite links page, and a
way for people to contact you.  We
need to add an "About Mindy" page.  
We can customize however you wish!  
I just wanted to share the pictures I
took at your concert with you and
thought this would be a much funner
way to do so!  
Love ya!  
Loreen Bliss
Mindy Losee
"To the world you might be one person;
but to one person, you might be the world!"

Is all the bouncing
driving you crazy?  Want
a calmer page?
(Heaven knows you don't
get calm at our house...)
You might as well get it
by clicking
The bouncing images are
Mindy chasing after my
three kids!
(Who's chasing who?)