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A vocal program developed
by Brett Manning
The Singing Success Program, developed by Nashville's own celebrity vocal coach Brett
Manning, which GUARANTEES a full octave range increase, is the most incredible training
program that I have ever studied.  His private voice lessons are invaluable, and the CD set I
can practice with everyday!  When you find something so wonderful you want to share it
with everyone you meet!  Please read more about this program on
Brett Manning's
Singing Success web site.

For your convenience, I have added some great articles written by Brett Manning which I
have found helpful.  I'm sure you will too.  

Remember, Brett Manning is the "vocal coach of the stars!"  Check out his
web site to learn more about Singing Success!
Let Brett help!
Brett Manning's Singing Success Program
is the best vocal training I've received!  Private Lessons are well worth it
because with him right there in Nashville he knows the sound people are
looking for. Brett has helped me find my own individual, unique country
style, as well as increase my range.  
(Along with technique he teaches
all music styles)  Thanks Brett!
The best part...I can practice with Brett everyday thanks to his great
Singing Success CD program.
If you love to sing...  
Loreen loved working with Brett.  You will too!
Loreen Bliss and Brett Manning
JMB Studio, September 2004
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Brett can sing!!!  You can too!
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