Loreen Bliss is a singer/songwriter/guitarist, whose performances are pure country bliss!  Her clear, strong
vocals, energetic, outgoing personality, and outstanding range show off the heartfelt emotions of her original
country songs.  Loreen has been singing since a young age, consistently gathering attention from music lovers
everywhere.  She has won numerous recognition awards, including the national choral award and a “most
musically artistic” award in a local competition.  Loreen has performed alongside national acts, been requested
to join worldwide tours, yet keeps her small town attitude her true country style.  She has performed in shows
with J. Marc Bailey, Simple People, Alex Stiles, Tim Goodman, and alongside great musicians such as guitarists
Jamie Glaser, Rod Riley, and Tom Hopkins, and drummer Joel Stevenett.  Loreen’s debut country music album,
simply titled “Loreen Bliss,” (her real name!) was completed December, 2004.  Two years later, her long
awaited second full album, a collection of old and new country Christmas songs, "The Perfect Gift" was
completed.  Sharing her love of music through writing and song is what Loreen loves to do best.  Loreen and
her band draw you into their world with full, soft, yet powerful vocals, strong musicianship, fun stories, and
unforgettable country songs.  
Loreen was born in Columbia, Missouri but grew up in Richland, Washington, the desert part of the
"Evergreen State."  (She went to the same high school as country singer,
Michael Peterson.)  She has
always loved creating and sharing her music with others.  Her voice has been described as having a quality
that is "full, soft, and powerful," and her energetic, outgoing personality and guitar playing brings magic to
the stage.  

From live theatre, concerts, to film and voice-overs, Loreen's experience in the arts is as varied as her love
of music.  If you were to ask Loreen what her favorite kind of music was she would ask "Where should I
start?"  From country to classical, rock, pop, jazz, spiritual, and show tunes, she really does love it all.  Her
album style?... She went with where her heart really lies...back to her
daddy's country roots - though she
was raised in the city, she really does have a country heart.

Loreen Muhlestein became
Loreen Bliss in 1994 when she married Timothy Scott Bliss.  (So Loreen Bliss
isn't just a stage name!  How lucky can she get!?!)  Loreen and Tim met in Logan, Utah where they both
received their degrees from Utah State University.  Tim graduated in Business and Agriculture Business
and Loreen graduated in Elementary Education with a minor in Music.  Tim, a dairy farmer, took Loreen to
the wonderful state of Texas right after graduation where they farmed for a few years before moving back to
Utah.  Now, they are once again enjoying that beautiful State and their small town where they own a dairy
and keep very busy raising a twelve year old,
ten year old twins, a five year old, and three year old!  

Besides being a mom, Loreen still finds time to sing, write, play guitar,
piano, ukulele, and bass, act, record,
and perform.   Her love of the arts also prompted her to begin and teach a community 4-H Theatre
She is an active member of the Pahvant Chapter of the Utah Old Time Fiddlers and Country
Music Association, performing several times a month with them and her twelve year old daughter, and
husband, who are also members.  She is also an active member of the Nashville Songwriters Association
(NSAI).  Her strong vocals, outstanding range, and great feel for a song's emotion make her
music one of a kind.  Loreen has studied style and technique from Nashville's own celebrity vocal coach
Brett Manning.  Loreen's producer, J. Marc Bailey, is a "hard rockin' country boy."  When you add music
Jamie Glaser as arranger, Loreen's debut album promises an unforgettable country sound.  If the
holidays keep you hummin' you can't do without the Christmas songs in Loreen's new album
"The Perfect
  You'll rediscover old Christmas favorites, find new ones, and with Nashville arranger and guitarist,
Rod Riley (who has played for country greats such as Joe Nichols, Randy Travis, and Tanya Tucker) at the
helm, it's all country!
Listen to Loreen!  She'll keep on singin' for ya'll!
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Listen to Loreen sing!
Listen to Loreen Sing!
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