Always Love Me
Loreen Bliss  (3:33)  (G Major)  BMI
Intro:  G D C G D C

G                              C                        D
Looking back over everything we’ve done
            C                     D                        G
I see the saying remains true “Time Flies when you’re having fun”
G                                         C                 D
I Love you more than even on that first day
       C                  D          G   
When you became mine forever  for all time

                    C                          D
And when you look at me I fall in love again
               G                       e m
When you smile it takes my breath away
             C                         D                                       G
When you wink (at me) my heart pounds because you love me
             C                          D                                                         
When you look at me I fall in love again   
           G                               e mi
When we kiss I still melt in your arms
               C                        D                      G             (after 1st chorus)   D   C   G  D  C
And in your eyes I know that you will always love me     (after 2nd chorus)  D  C   G  D  G

G                  C                              D
Diving trips, walks through Willow Park
C                        D                        G
Hikes up to the wind caves, even trips to Wal Mart
G                           C                       D
Everything I do is better done with you
     C           D                                    G
Everything is more fun when we do it together

(To Chorus)

              C                                 G                      G
And with eternity to go I know our love will always grow
  C                     D                           G
Becoming better friends through the years
               C                           D                            G                       e mi
We’ll hold hands through the tough times, when it hurts we won’t let go
              C                                                      D
We’ll be together through the laughter and the tears

(To Chorus)
Outro:  D  C  G

Rev. 01/25/05
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Always Love Me
Always Love Me