A Man Like That
Brett Manning/Loreen Bliss/J. Marc Bailey - Sept. 2004 – KEY OF A MAJOR  (3:52)  BMI
Intro:  D E D E D E A
         A                                  /                       (/ = new measure, no key change)
When Ronnie Dunn phrases a line
He’s second to none, I wanna make him mine
          A                          /
And Vince Gill sizzles a tone     
     E                                D                       /
It sends a chill straight through my bones
         A                        A       D                           /
And a yodelin’ man like Garth can make me fall apart
          A                                 E                    D         /
And I come all undone when John Michael sings
     E  /                         A              /
“I Love the Way You Love Me”

                                         D                         A
(CHORUS:)  There’s somethin’ about a velvet voice
        E                     A
Hypnotizes me ‘til I got no choice
       D                                A         E                /
And I start to st-stutter until I’m speechless
          D                                       A                        E                            f# mi
At the end of the night, at the last refrain, he tips his cool black Stetson hat
        D                  E                           A       A  
Yeah,   I .. Wanna Marry a Man Like That      (2nd chorus: after “like” go to “somethin’”)
(3rd chorus =  I ..    Married a Man Like That)

        A                                /
But would I really get that far
            D                                     D           
With a cool talkin’, hip shakin’ superstar?
          A                          /
‘Cause I got me a man at home
          E                                D                 /
Who gives this little lady a private show
                A                           /             D                       /
And when my baby sings out of time and maybe a bit off key
          A                                E                    D         /
Yeah, he loves me tender in the sexy way he sings
     E  /                          A             /
“I Love the Way You Love Me”     


Outro:  D E A A  D E A A  D E  D E D E  A

Rev. 4/20/05
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A Man Like That
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