Dried Roses
Loreen & Tim Bliss, J. Marc Bailey
November 2004 (Key:  G MA)  (4:09)  BMI
Intro:  G D C G D C

     G                                               C
You don’t forget the little things like sharin’ the remote
G                                              D
Kissing me good morning and helping with my coat
     G                                         C
You never bring me flowers, so I knew they were earned
               D                                C                       D                  G         G
‘I’m gonna save those roses you brought with the news, ‘til you return

(D)       G               C                    D     
Dried Roses still hangin’ in our kitchen
      G                    C                   D
Each petal holds a memory of the little things I’m missin’
e mi                                     D                                                 
Waffles Sunday morning, whiskers tickling my chin,     
Emi                                          B mi             C D                     G     D C G D C
Please, Lord, keep him safe, watch over him, and my dried roses

   G                                                           C
We made the choice together, you looked proud when you left
    G                                                                 D
You said take care of things at home; Well, I’ve tried to do my best
G                                                   C
I’ll do my part to show support each day that you’re gone
D                  C                   D                          G
I’ll tie a yellow ribbon, fly our flag, and sing this song


e mi                    D                        
Smilin’ eyes from in the photographs
C                              D                 G     
Remembering the music of our laughter
e mi                                      D               
I’m glad I kept those roses savin’ the little things
C                          D
’Cause I want my happy ever after


C                         D   E mi  D/E  C                      D                       G          
Lord, keep him safe                   ‘cause I want more than dried roses  

Outro:  Fiddle solo:  G C D G C D G

(Rev. 01/27/05)
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