This Far Down the Line
Scott Naylor  (3:48)
Intro:  D  gmi  D
   D                           g mi                D
She lies awake in the silence of the night
D                                       g mi                     D
She longs to hold him close have him by her side
                         C                                   G                    D
‘Cause it’s been years since she’s found comfort in the dark
              C                        G                         D
It’s just a place to hide the tears of a foolish heart
           D    g mi                    D
She does fine   by the light of day
                      D                        g mi                      D
‘Cause she can hide the pain of a love that’s gone away
              C                                     G                       D
But as the sun goes down and the darkness starts to fall
C                                     G                        D
That’s when those old memories start to call

(Note:  She (Em) ne- (open) -ver (Em) thought…)

   E m                    C                               G
She never thought feeedom could be so lonely
           E m                    C                          G
And she never thought lonely could be so blue
            E m                             C                          e m  D   
And she never dreamed that this far down the line
D                          g mi
She’d be missing you

D  gmi   D
D                           g mi                                          D
Life in the city, it ain’t what she thought it would be
D                                        g mi                       D
This is the choice she made, the choice to be free
                    C                                       G                            D
She pulls her pillow close and wipes the tear drop from her eye
  C                                      G                      D
It looks like it’s gonna be another sleepless night

Outro: fiddle solo: D  gmi  D
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This Far Down the Line