Hinckley Academy

The old Hinckley Academy located at 55 N. 200 W. in Hinckley (Millard) was under construction
from ca. 1909 to 1912, the result of private, church and local monetary contributions. From 1910
to 1923 the building was known as the Millard LDS Academy. From 1923 to 1953, the building
served as Hinckley High School.  Read more on our
History page!
Hinckley Academy... continuing the legacy
The current state
of the Hinckley
Academy - much
needed restoration
"The Mayor and Town Council of Hinckley Town whole-heartedly endorse the
proposed project to restore the old Millard Academy/Hinckley High School
building located in the center of town.

This historic building has fallen on hard times.  It was once the pride of the
area.  It was originally built at great expense to the local residents.  Their
posterity would appreciate it being brought back to usefulness.  The current
residents of Hinckley also support a restoration of this magnificent building.

Hinckley Town will gladly render any administrative assistance, if such is
needed, to help in this enterprise.


Mayor Donald Brown
& Hinckley Town Council"
Strengthening our community
through arts and education
Hinckley Academy... continuing the legacy
Letter from the
Mayor and
Town Council
of Hinckley
endorsing our
Construction of this historic building began back in 1909, and now, 100 years later,
restoration is on the horizon.  Restoring the Hinckley Academy will continue to build on
the rich heritage this community has to offer.  As our motto states, we believe this
project will strengthen the community as we bring valued arts and education to this area.

Current plans include:
* Community Theatre
* School for students with learning disabilities
* Science camps
* Art workshops
* Dance studio
* Music instruction
* Recording studio
* Reception center
* And much more....
Restoration Project
Visit our Services/Events page for information on all our

Join us in Delta, Utah, at the Demolition Derby on
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The Sno Barn
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