Yes, Loreen plays guitar, but no, not this one.  Sure looks good in a picture though!  This picture is on the tray card on the back of Loreen's CD!
Welcome to Loreen's website!  Enjoy your visit!
Welcome to Loreen's website!  Enjoy your visit!
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Loreen's country music domain, was born September 8, 2004.
This full service country music site was created beginning December 16, 2004
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ednesday, October 5, 2011.
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Loreen Bliss,
singer/songwriter, is a country recording artist whose
voice has been described as
"full, soft, and powerful."
Her strong vocals, outstanding range, and great feel for
a song's emotion make
Loreen's music one of a kind.

Loreen's self-titled country music album,
Loreen Bliss, released December 2004,
features original songs including:
Dried Roses"
Crayon Heart"
A Man Like That"
Daddy's Farm"
Loreen's second album is a Christmas Album titled
"The Perfect Gift"
released December 11, 2006.  
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"A Man Like That"
Co-Written with Nashville's own,
Brett Manning!