Loreen Bliss is a
whose performances are
pure country bliss!  Her
clear, strong vocals,
energetic, outgoing
personality, and
outstanding range show
off the heartfelt emotions
of her original country
songs.  Loreen has been
singing since a young age,
consistently gathering
attention from music
lovers everywhere.  She
has won numerous
recognition awards,
including the national
choral award and a most
musically artistic award in
a local competition.  
Loreen has performed
alongside national acts,
been requested to join
worldwide tours, yet keeps
her small town attitude her
true country style.  She has
performed in shows with J.
Marc Bailey, Simple
People, Alex Stiles, Tim
Goodman, and alongside
great musicians such as
guitarists Jamie Glaser,
Rod Riley, and Tom
Hopkins, and drummer
Joel Stevenett.  Loreen's
debut country music
album, simply titled
Loreen Bliss, (her real
name!) was completed
December, 2004.  Two
years later, her long
awaited second full album,
a collection of old and new
country Christmas songs,
The Perfect Gift was
completed.  Sharing her
love of music through
writing and song is what
Loreen loves to do best.  
Loreen and her band draw
you into their world with
full, soft, yet powerful
vocals, strong
musicianship, fun stories,
and unforgettable country
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