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Loreen's 11 song self titled debut
country music
album, Loreen Bliss,  
features 10 original songs,
7 of which were written, or co-written, by
Loreen Bliss
This Time
Dried Roses *
A Man Like That *
Daddy's Farm *
Take Me Away *
Since You've Been Gone
This Far Down the Line
All the Right Words
Overdrive *
Crayon Heart *
Always Love Me *

(*  written or co-written  by Loreen Bliss)
Loreen's Debut Country Music Album, Loreen Bliss
Release date:  December 20, 2004
The remastered CD was rereleased December 11, 2006

Music now available for online downloads.  Only .99 per song!
Loreen's Demo Album
Release date:  June, 2005  (Shows multiple styles)
Loreen's First Demo Album
Release date:  July, 2004  (Non-country)
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Loreen Bliss and Brett Manning
JMB Studio, September 2004
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Loreen's Christmas Album,
"The Perfect Gift" was released
December 11, 2006!  
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"The Perfect Gift"
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