Pony Express
July 28, 2005
Sierra Hansehn
You can find anything from Country to 80’s Rock at J. Marc Bailey’s music studio in Saratoga Springs these days.  
In fact, Marc just finished producing a Jazz oriented soundtrack for the “Mobsters to Mormons” movie done by
Haelstrom.  “This is the best soundtrack Haelstrom has ever done,” Marc said.  “People are going to really like it.”

He’s currently working on the soundtrack for a movie called “Church Ball” that will be released in February.  The
studio, however, does a lot more than movie soundtracks.  Since it opened a year and a half ago, Marc has
produced talent in Nashville, Vegas, and Utah.  

“We’re really busy,” Marc said, which means he has to make choices to decide who to work with.  “We put in a lot
of investment and time when we produce people,” Marc said.  “My job is to ensure the quality of the music.”

Marc said the biggest thing he looks for when meeting new clients is excitement.  “They have to have the heart of
an artist,” he said.  “They have to really want it.”

Loreen Bliss, a Dairy farmer in Delta, Utah, worked with Marc last year, releasing her debut country album in
December.  “She has so much versatility in her voice,” Marc said of producing her album.  “She has a great

For Loreen, family is a big part of her music.  She said her goal is to “tell a story through music,” which makes
country music the perfect fit for her.  Loreen writes songs about servicemen, her family members, or just the “mood
of the moment.”  With three kids keeping her busy, she says she is happy to finally accomplish a dream by
recording her album.  

Loreen will sing at Thanksgiving Point this weekend at the Utah County Fair on Thursday at 12:15 and Friday at

When Marc isn’t producing music, he’s recording his own, and he will also be singing at the Fair Saturday night at
8:00 p.m.  Next month he will be playing with “Little Texas” on Aug 4th at the Silver Lakes Amphitheater in Eagle
Mountain, and KBULL 93 is currently playing his first radio song called “Just to Hang Around”.  


All of Marc and Loreen’s music is available for download at riverranchrecords.com.  The soundtrack for “Mobster’s
to Mormons” will be available next month on the website along with the complete set of soundtracks to the
Haelstrom movies released to date.