Here is our gift to you!  Sorry it's so bouncy!  We
really hope you have enjoyed your day and that
you are enjoying this experience in Venezuela!  
Not many people have this opportunity.

Happy web page!  This is your home page!  There
is also an easy link to Loreen's website (under
favorite links), weather out at the dairy here in
Delta, and a place for your very own photo album!

We love you, as well as everyone over there in
Venezuela!  We miss you and look forward to
seeing you this summer!!!!!
Hope you have a happy day!!!  We Love You!
Lots of love, Loreen, Tim, Kylie, Julaine and Jaren Bliss 05/11/05
Zachary Christiansen

Birthday:  May 11, 1994

Turned 11 today,
May 11, 2005!!!
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