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Aren't voice lessons like pulling teeth? Every lesson I've had was a miserable experience
where I was criticized for every little "wrong" thing I did.

You are so right. Unfortunately, most voice teachers are still training their students to look and sound
like classical singers, using techniques that have nothing to do with developing a contemporary
sound.  That's why students who don't enjoy older styles of music often find voice lessons frustrating
and fruitless.  Brett Manning will never stifle your unique sound and style.  In fact, the Singing
Success Program provides tools and techniques that will allow you to sing with more style.  Besides,
who wants to listen to someone who sounds like every other "proper" singer?

Can I improve my tone quality?

Tone quality improves when the correct musculature is engaged in the singing process. Feel
underneath your chin with your forefinger and slide it inwards to the point where your neck meets the
muscles under your chin.  Now swallow.  Notice how your larynx (Adam's apple) raises up and the
muscles under your chin tighten up as you swallow?  These muscles that are engaged in the
swallowing process are opposed to those engaged in the singing process.  The use of these muscles
while singing creates a myriad of problems that can take years to correct if left unchecked.  For good
tone quality, you must learn to sing without the outer muscles of the larynx.  Doing so will set free
your natural voice, drastically improving tone quality and ease of use.  Naturally, the Singing Success
Program contains techniques that will help you do this.

Is it really possible to teach style?

Until now, there really has not been a comprehensive system of teaching vocal style.  There have
been scales played to reflect certain genres, such as the Blues Scale, but that's really not enough.  
Brett Manning worked with hundreds of brilliant vocal stylists to co-develop training techniques based
on their various skills.  Using these techniques you can develop style skills so prolific that you'll be
able to reinterpret any song you wish into a unique masterpiece.  Think of it this way: As a singer,
you are the artist and the final "painting" is up to you.  Brett Manning's style training just gives you
more colors to work with.
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