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"Brett, you make me sound good!"
Keith Urban
2005 Grammy Nominee
2004 CMA Male Vocalist of the Year
Ten weeks #1 on Country Music Charts

"Brett has given me the keys to get the most out of my voice."
Mark Kibble, Take 6
9-time Grammy winner

"After continually sucking through my first two years of singing, I finally swallowed my pride and bought the Singing
Success Program.  I improved so much after only three months that I did a recording of 'You Raise Me Up,' which got
me some attention from several producers who were interested in my sound.  Singing Success is the best decision I
have ever made for my singing career."
Jesse Nemitz

"For the first time in my singing career, singing is now as easy as speaking. Thank you Singing Success and thank you
Brett Manning."
Lyndon Barrington Allen
Dove Award Nominee

"Brett possesses a fully integrated knowledge and systematic approach to developing a healthy, natural sound,
combined with a wonderful artistic sensibility, keen ear and positive approach. Brett is my first and only voice teacher.
Since studying with him I have added over a half octave to my voice and feel an easy release throughout my entire
vocal range. I can recommend Brett to professionals at the top of their game, as well as those taking their first steps to
discovering their potential and everyone in between."
Steve Cosmo Mallardi
Broadway Musical Director:
Les Miserables and Jekyll and Hyde

Mr. Manning,
I'm sure that I don't have to tell you how incredible your program is. I just feel like I need to share something with you,
about my recent experience with it. Again, I have no doubt that you hear similar stories all of the time, however...

I just purchased your Singing Success Course three weeks ago. I have had significant vocal damage over the last two
years due to GERD, and had lost approximately four notes from my upper range, which is the original reason I ordered
your program. After listening to your video and the Introduction CD, I was convinced that your system could help me. I
then began my "therapy" using Lesson One of the technique sessions. I was only allowing myself to practice 10
minutes a day for the first week. Then, as I began to feel better, I began extending the time. I now do two 20 minute
sessions a day, with a half hour break in between. I moved on to Lesson Two yesterday and then went out to Karaoke
with my friends that evening. I planned to only sing one song with an easy range.

Well, I ended up singing three songs with absolutely no pain! Additionally, my last song was Bridge Over Troubled
Water (the Simon and Garfunkle version). About halfway through it, I realized that my control over the R&B licks was
effortless! Then, when I got to the the high part after "Sail on, Silver girl" I made the jump without any extra push,
whatsoever! And that's not all!!  When it came to the highest note of the song (my recent limit), I just knew I would own
it, and so I actually shot up two extra tones, just for a beat, to really make the moment my own. My friends were
dumbfounded!  All of this with no stress, no strain, less than half the air, and most importantly, no pain!!!!

In other words, in just three weeks with your system, I have achieved the following:

1) Obvious relief and apparent healing from the scorched vocal cords.
2) A total revamping of my singing technique (beginning stages)
3) New, easier control over my vocal "licks"
4) I've regained the vocal range that I had "lost" over the last two years

While I still have breaks between my co-ordinations, they have become much less noticeable and I am confident that
they will fade away as I continue. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I believe that you are a gift to all
singers from God himself!
Randy L. Heyer
West Palm Beach, FL

"After 40 years off and on Broadway and God only knows how many voice teachers, finally a method that really works.
Hallelujah! God bless you Brett!"
Richard Mathews, NYC

"We love you, Brett!"
The cast of Elton John's Broadway smash, "Aida"

"After 17 years of singing professionally, with several #1 hits, I feel like I've found my voice only in the last few weeks!
Brett Manning's amazing technique added almost an octave to my range in one lesson. Instead of straining and only
sometimes reaching high C's I now sail right past high C to high G with no vocal strain! Thanks Brett. This feels like
Morgan Cryar, Premier Records

"It is only on a few rare occasions during an entire lifetime that one meets a Master Teacher: one who truly inspires
and permanently changes the course of a life. Brett Manning is such an individual."
Claudia Goodman
The Goodman Family

I have been going through your Singing Success material and have been able to sing freely much higher than normal
without putting strain on my voice. I could have kissed your feet when that happened! My voice went well above
soprano high C, which I haven't been able to do for years. When I was young I had an incredible voice and range but I
have been neglecting the gift for years, sad to say. I feel that you have been placed in my life for this very purpose...so
I can sing beautifully again.
Sandra Pearce, Seattle WA

"Brett Manning is by far one of the most effective and efficient voice teachers. His intimate understanding and
knowledge of the myriad of vocal demands required of every level of singer, makes him invaluable to the creative
process. Brett consistently produces MARKETABLE vocalists of the highest quality, through an ongoing, healthy
involvement with the newest sounds and styles utilized by only the cutting edge artists. I would recommend Brett
Manning to singers who have the greatest commitment to improving their track record."
Greg Enriquez
World-class vocal instructor
Las Vegas, NV

"It developed my voice and helped me accomplish my dream."
Deneyse Ellen Varnsdale
Miss Southwest Michigan, 2003

As an already established recording artist in the Christian music industry, I thought there was more from my voice that I
still wasn’t getting out of it. Brett Manning helped me find an extra half octave on the top end of my range and gave me
a deeper, richer tone with far less effort. He is fast and efficient. He knows how the voice works and never guesses. I
feel that I am singing easier now than I ever have.
Steve Smith, Nashville

I am Matthew from Singapore. For a long time, I yearned for a reliable, versatile, stable and solid technique. I had gone
through much vocal abuse, confusion and despair over these years. My voice used to crack very often, I went flat and
my diction was hopeless.  But the Lord was gracious and after many months of searching and praying, I stumbled onto
Mr. Manning's web page. I was thinking: "Maybe Mr. Manning can help someone so vocally hopeless like me."

In my first lesson, Mr. Manning helped to bridge the chest and head voice with a few exercises.  He extended my range
to a high C. This really amazed me! I never thought it possible that I could sing to a high C in REAL voice! I NEVER
obtained such results from any first vocal lesson before!
Mathew Quek, Singapore

"I am so excited... I can't hide it!  It's happened - my larynx stays down and I can sing SPEECH LEVEL!!!  

The instruction in your program is so precise, yet purposefully relaxing and entertaining. Your reassurance and even
praise is inspiring in those self-doubtful moments of "will this work with me?." YES is the answer, with patience and
practice.  I would have never realized that I could feel so strongly about words like "nay nay nay" and "mum mum mum"
and others... it's just incredible! I must admit that I was a bit impatient at first, so I moved rapidly on to disk 6 and 7.
Then I decided that I should go back to disk 4 and reapply myself with a slower more focused intent. That's when
speech-level happened for me! I've been diligent with the exercises... but I realize that the training you have perfected
in this system cannot be rushed.

I am 57 and have always loved to sing, but was never trained to sing correctly. I recently have been singing along with
the self-titled CD from Michael Buble. At first I could not even approach the high notes without straining... which was
AWFUL!!!  Now I can match his EVERY NOTE clearly and smoothly. Thank you, Brett. I can't wait to see what's next!"
Larry Fester
Bel Air, MD
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