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Dealing with
by Brett Manning
Q:  How do I deal with temperature extremes or changes in climate?

A:  Moisture and time zones are two very important keys.  For me, the worst is flying from Nashville to
the dry air of Phoenix and trying to sing the same day I arrive.  I need at least twenty-four hours to
adjust.  Eventually, your body will become more adept to rapid changes in climate, but in the
beginning of your career I wouldn't recommend booking yourself in Maine on Monday, Tulsa on
Tuesday, and then Orlando on Thursday.  This would be vocal suicide.  The more extreme the
climate change the more taxing to the body.  You are a human instrument with good days and bad
days.  The longer you travel, the quicker your body should adjust to travel and change of climate.  In
the mean time, get plenty of fluids (about twice as much as you probably think you need) and some
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