Love the belt buckle
Loreen Bliss, Fall 2004.  This great guitar belongs to my producer, J. Marc Bailey.  He can play it, I can't.  Looks great in a picture though!  Speaking of which.... I did my own hair for this picture with just a three barrel curling iron.
Did you know.... the shirt, from Western Unlimited in Spanish Fork, Utah, feels like leather, but is washable!
Did you know... This is really Loreen's hallway.  Tim put the floor down.  Looks good, huh!?
These are my sunflower girl pictures.
Loreen in the JMB studio, Summer 2004
Loreen Bliss, Fall 2004.  Did you know... the earings in this picture were purchased from Loreen's sister-in-law, Heather.  Cute, huh!  Hi Heather!
April 16, 2005 - PCBRA Rodeo - Click to see more performance photos!

Loreen's Photos
See photos of
"The Speed
of Life"
the independent
short film that
Loreen was in.  
She played
Jennifer, the
leading actress.  
(Dec. 2004 - Jan.
See photos of
Loreen and
Blue Notes,
the local singing
group in Delta.  
They have been
performing for
30 years now!
(Since 1975)
Loreen has been
involved for five.  
(Since Fall of
Loreen Bliss, Fall 2003.  So... do you like my hair curley or straight?  I have to use a straight iron....takes forever... to get it this straight.
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